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Date of Printing: 1843 • Medium: Wood Engraving Print (hand colored) • Subject Category: Natural History - Birds • Signed: Unsigned • Period Created: Romantic (1800 - 1899) • Plate Size HxWxD cm: N/A • Leaf Paper Size HxW cm: 34 x 27.5 • Style: FOLIO Original Vintage • Print on Verso: Blank on verso • Condition: Good, with foxing and toning at edges • Edition Type: 1st Edition - Limited • Paper Type: Woven • Framed: Print only

A beautiful wood engraving print, hand-coloured, of the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) by Josiah Wood Whimper (1813-1903) - Original 1843 Engraving from P. H. Gosse's 'Natural History, Birds' of 1843. Unlike our other Whymper engraving, this one features the descriptive text underneath.

The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK) is the oldest Anglican mission organization. It was founded in 1698 by Thomas Bray (an Anglican priest), and a small group of friends. Thomas Bray believed passionately in the power of the printed word and from its earliest days SPCK commissioned tracts and pamphlets, making it the third oldest publishing house in England. Throughout the eighteenth century SPCK was by far the largest producer of Christian literature in Britain. The range of its output was considerable—from pamphlets aimed at specific groups such as farmers, prisoners, soldiers, seamen, servants and slave-owners, to more general works on subjects such as baptism, confirmation, Holy Communion, the Prayer Book and private devotion. Increasingly, more substantial books were also published, both on Christian subjects and, from the 1830s onwards, on general educational topics as well.