Edwards, George (1694 - 1773), artist; Pennant, Thomas (1726-1798), author: The Ptarmigan (German Edition)

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Date of Printing:       1771   • Medium:      Copper• Plate Engraving (hand colored)• Subject Category:  Natural History - Birds         • Signed:          • Plate signed, Lower Left Period • Created:     Enlightenment (1700 - 1799)         • Plate Size HxWxD cm:     30.5 x 31            • Leaf Paper Size HxW cm:           36 x 49.5       • Style:           FOLIO Original Vintage      • Print on Verso:      Blank on verso            • Condition:  Pristine - new or as new     • Edition Type:          Limited Edition          • Paper Type:            Laid Paper     • Framed:            Unframed

This originally hand-colored, folio bird engraving is from Thomas Pennant's The British Zoology or Zoologia Britannica. This is from the German edition published in Ausburg by Johann Jacob Haid & Sohn between 1771 and 1778. The drawings were by P. Paillou, G. Edwards, et. al. and the original etchings by P. Mazell. This edition featured the plates re-engraved by Haid with vibrant original hand-coloring.

Thomas Pennant was a leading naturalist in England in the 18th century. He was a fellow of the Royal Society and counted amongst his confidants Carl Linnaeus and Sir Joseph Banks. Pennant's work was noted as the first to publish color illustrations of birds in a work that attempted to describe all of the British species, many life-size. The mammals included in the work was also a rare occurance for an 18th century work.