Unknown, 1858: BOOK OF THE WORLD, plate 6, Norwegian countryside depiction; farmers and traveler

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Date of Printing: 1858 • Medium: Lithograph (hand colored) • Subject Category: Social & Historical Settings • Signed: Unsigned • Period Created: Romantic (1800 - 1899) • Plate Size HxWxD cm: 20 x 15 • Leaf Paper Size HxW cm: 25.5 x 20.3 • Style: Original Vintage • Print on Verso: Blank on verso • Condition: Slight Foxing • Edition Type: Limited Edition • Paper Type: Unbleached Cotton Rag • Framed: Print only

Huldra-Glätt from 1858 BOOK OF THE WORLD #06 people from Norway - From "Das Buch der Welt, ein Inbegriff des Wissenswürdigsten und Unterhaltendsten aus den Gebieten der Naturgeschichte, Naturlehre, Länder- und Völkerkunde," (The Book of the World) Weltgeschichte, Götterlehre etc.; published by Carl Hoffmann, 1842 - 1872

Condition: light soiling

Most Norwegians are ethnic Norwegians, a North Germanic people. The Sami people traditionally inhabit central and northern parts of Norway and Sweden, as well as in northern Finland and in Russia on the Kola Peninsula. Another national minority are the Kven people who are the descendants of Finnish speaking people that moved to northern Norway in the 18th up to the 20th century. Both the Sami and the Kven were subjected to a strong assimilation policy by the Norwegian government from the 19th century up to the 1970s. Because of this "Norwegianisation process", many families of Sami or Kven ancestry now self-identify as ethnic Norwegian.